Hi babe!

Are you done telling yourself ‘I am definitely going to start tomorrow’? Are you sick of remembering you are on a diet when you’re longing for those delicious cookies? And do you want to start a healthier life today?

With my 16-week program I will help you to be the best you can be, on your own terms. My method is unique, because it’s a mix of my own experiences, knowledge and expertise, combined with whatever works best for you.

It’s my goal to make you fall in love with your body once again. And I’m not only talking about how you look, but also about how you feel.

Together we’re going for love at first sight every single time you see yourself in the mirror, we’re helping you easily slide back into your favorite jeans, and we will give you the confidence to dance around butt naked in your living room (with the curtains wide open).

I am proud of you already!

Love, Eva Luna

Eva Luna Lifestyle Welkom


Muscle gain

Eva’s incredibly motivating way of coaching has made me look at myself in the mirror more positively from the get-go. Honestly? You really have to put in the work, but that also makes me feel so proud of myself, my body and my mindset.


Women’s Health

Eva knows exactly what to say or do. Thanks to her vast expertise, I have already so much progress, not only physically but mentally as well. And it’s just that what makes Eva such an amazing coach!


Weight loss

I have tried so many different diets, but nothing helped. That is, until I met Eva. I feel so much better in my own body. Eva’s motivation, tips and honesty help me to keep working on myself, while she also taught me to be happy with myself every single day. Good is good enough!



I am emotional eater, I gained a lot of weight due to stress and I just kept on eating even though I wasn’t hungry anymore. Over the course of my 20 weeks with Eva, I made amazing progress and ended up with a healthy lifestyle that I can actually hold on to.



on your terms

Your program is all about you as a woman. You will receive a personalized training schedule and diet, that is tailored to your own goals and lifestyle. You also gain access to individual guidance through the Eva Luna Lifestyle App.

You can get in touch with me 24/7 through the Eva Luna Lifestyle App. I listen to you and I’m there for you. We will celebrate your progress every single day. I trust you and I’m sure that you will reach the results you dream of, simply because I know you can do it!

Newsflash: you don’t need to starve yourself, run for hours on end, or switch to an entire soup-based diet in order to get that killer body you’re dreaming of. Based on my vast knowledge of health and exercise, I will help you adopt a lifestyle that actually fits your body and your way of living.

You don’t usually turn your life upside down in one single day. That’s why my programs last for 16 weeks. We will have enough time and space to bring some structure in your life, work on your discipline and create new healthier habits. Wanna bet a Lululemon legging that you never want to go back to how it was before?

You are never alone. You gain access to the ELL Community, filled with women just like you. Women who needed a change, women who wanted to be their best selves. Women that thought the 15th hip thrust was the most difficult one, women whose bodies are shaking during the last 20 seconds of their split squats. Women you can share your experiences with, either in our Facebook group or during one of our offline events and workshops.