womens health coach

I think every woman has felt that she was standing alone at a certain point of her life. That ‘living the healthy life’ always looked easier to other women. Do you recognize that feeling? Every body is different and it’s exactly that what makes exchanging stories and experiences so valuable.

That’s why I am not only offering one-on-one coaching sessions, but you automatically gain access to the ELL Community. The Community is my online and offline member environment with like-minded women.

Women who needed a change, women that wanted to be their best selves.

Women you can share experiences with, women that thought the 15th hip thrust was the most difficult one, women whose bodies are shaking during the last 20 seconds of their split squats. Women that know how it feels to not be happy to see yourself in the mirror. Women you can always fall back on, that push you and inspire you to make a change in your life.

Women who know change is possible. Why?

Because they changed too!

Online community

Ask us anything you want in the ELL Online Facebook Community, while we will provide you with the latest know-how on healthy living. We will give you feedback and you can share experiences with the rest of the group. Do you want to know how other women deal with PMS and binge-eating? Are you going through a rough patch and in need of a motivational boost? We are there for you, 24/7.


What’s better than getting to know other healthy babes in real life? During your 16-week program you gain access to our monthly ELL Gatherings. We will have lunch together and finish with an intense workout. Go home filled with energy and motivation. Are you in?


We will blow your mind during the ELL Brainstorm Sessions, guaranteed. I share all ins and outs about certain themes, such as meal prepping or exercise techniques. I will help you get aware of the progress you have already made and push you to adopt new healthy habits. New healthy life, I am ready!

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