Hi babe!

I haven’t always been happy in my own skin and I haven’t always been proud of my own body. That’s exactly the reason why I became a coach.

 It all started eight years ago on a scorching summer’s day in Italy. I was taking a shower, eyes closed and thinking about the beach I would be going to later that day. I felt stressed in every single fiber of my body. When I’m rinsing the soap off my body, I take a look at my naked body.

I used to have a flat belly, but now I feel some loose skin between my fingers. There’s not much left of my slim waist. I look in the mirror and I’m not happy with what I see. But worse was that little voice inside my head.

It told me that I could never do what all those women, while I secretly finished an entire jar of peanut butter whenever nobody was looking. 

The same story over and over again, the insecurity and especially the envy towards myself. How could I have let this happen..


“That little voice inside my head, which told me that I couldn’t do it, while scrolling through my social media and watching all those women succeed . ”

In that moment, ten years ago, I looked at my body in the mirror of an Italian bathroom and said to myself: ‘From now on, things will be different.’

And things did change. I started working out and whole new world opened up for me. I felt better, both physically and mentally, but I had trouble pushing my boundaries. I went looking for tools on how to keep on making progress and worked together with different coaches who taught me (how) to take care of myself.

The best part? I felt like Eva again, but a stronger and more confident version of myself.

This inner power brought me the hunger to learn more about healthy lifestyle. I fast-tracked my bachelor studies, took up internships in various countries and followed multiple courses on coaching, nutrition and fitness, and I’m still learning… I had one clear goal in my mind: I want to help you, using my own method in which I combine strength training, coaching and nutritional advice to create the all-round approach that I could never find anywhere before.

With Eva Luna Lifestyle, I want to help you to become your best self, on your own terms. It’s my goal to make you fall in love with your body once again. And I’m not only talking about how it looks, but also about how it feels.

Together we’re going for love at first sight every single time you see yourself in the mirror, we’re helping you easily slide back into your favorite jeans, and we will give you the confidence to dance around butt naked in your living room.

Together, we will make you feel so good about yourself that you can’t help but telling everbody! You’re going to be proud of yourself and face the world (and your fridge) with lots of confidence.

I want to make sure that you never have to worry about your belly in that tight little dress ever again. I want you to be able to wear whatever you want, because you know that you can rock every single piece of clothing you own. I want you to thoroughly enjoy every last piece of that delicious red velvet cake and I want you to rock that workout the next day, not because you feel guilty, but because it makes you happy.

I do need you to know that it won’t come easy. There will be ups and there will be downs. You will have bad days. I want you to know that that’s okay too. I want you to know that I’m there for you, every step of the way. You no longer have to do it all by yourself. We’re in this together and we will succeed. Is your health worth it? Time to take control!

Love Eva

5 yrs Education

  • N1 Education: Anatomy, Execution & Biomechanics + Practical
  • Menno Henselmans Personal training cursus
  • Precision Nutrition: Nutrition Certification
  • Chivo: Voeding Certificering + Coaching Certificering + Beweging Certificering + Vitaliteitscoach
  • OHF: Maag, Lever & Darm Certificering + Women’s Health + Special Treatments Certificering
  • GGS Academy – Pre- & Post Natal Certification
  • GGS Academy – Women’s Coaching Certification


+ What does a day in the life of Eva Luna look like?

Does Eat-Sleep-Repeat count? No, I’m just kidding! I always start my days off with a bowl of yoghurt with fruit and nuts. I make a to-do list, writing down all coaching sessions, calls and check-ups I have to do in the next hours. When those are done, I have lunch and start working out. When I get back home, I try to work on my personal development, cook dinner. My evenings are usually filled with podcasts, Netflix or a good book. 

+ What does your bucket list look like?

I still want to travel to a lot of places. On the top of my list there’s America/Canada/Alaska, followed by Australia, South America and Iceland. So just the entire world, haha… I also want to dive with great white sharks someday, keeping in mind social distancing of course!

+ Guilty pleasure?

That can only be a Brownie!

+ Favorite Power Woman?

Beyonce! Damn, girl. She is honest, down-to-earth and beautiful from the inside and out.

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