Put yourself first
today – no matter what

No more “tomorrow I really start”, because this moment is the start of your new life. You’re putting yourself first today, no matter what. I will be right next to you 24/7, I will always support you and we will always be in this together. Wanna bet a Lululemon legging that you never want to go back to how it was before?

Eva Luna Lifestyle Coaching

I know exactly how you feel

I know exactly what it feels like not to feel good in your own skin, because I too had that stupid little voice in my head.

The little voice told me that I would never be able to do whatever all the women on my social media feeds were able to do. Women who easily combined their studies and part-time jobs, with a healthy salad in their right hand, while I secretly finished an entire jar of peanut butter whenever nobody was looking.

At a certain point I was so sick of feeling bad, so I started exercising. I worked together with several coaches and underwent a true transformation.

My body started to look like I felt inside: strong and confident, with an ‘I will conquer the world’ vibe.

This inner power brought me the hunger to learn more about healthy lifestyle. I fast-tracked my bachelor studies, took up internships in various countries and followed multiple courses on coaching, nutrition and fitness, and I’m still learning… I had one clear goal in my mind: I want to help you, using my own method in which I combine strength training, coaching and nutritional advice to create the all-round approach that I could never find anywhere before. I have already coached over 2,000 women and I’m just getting started.


Muscle gain

I love the fact that Eva actually takes her time with you and helps find solutions that perfectly fit your individual lifestyle. She gave me very valuable advice on exercising, nutrition and mindset, helping me actually keep up my new way of living! I can recommend Eva’s coaching programs to anyone who wants to adopt and maintain a healthier lifestyle.


Women’s Health

The numbers on your scale don’t actually matter that much, because it’s your body that tells you everything you need to know. After a very disappointing and impersonal program with another coach, I found Eva. She connects with you and helps you change your lifestyle, without making you give up on the things that you enjoy most in life.


Weight loss

Eva is a champ! She has an inexhaustible drive and is there for you every step of the way. She makes it easy to adopt a new lifestyle, thanks to her knowledge and her willingness to personalize her programs to suit your needs and wishes. She knows how to deal with difficult moments and lifts you up when you’re feeling down. I can strongly recommend Eva!

Coach voor zwangerschap


Are you looking for a coach that doesn’t accept your sorry excuses, but rather helps you find the motivation to reach your goals in a positive and professional way? If so, Eva is perfect for you! Her drive, focus and passion have ignited my own determination and self-confidence. Eva Luna Coaching; that’s truly life-changing!


In 16 weeks
a healthy body on your terms

Every single day we’re getting flooded by vague advice and diets that contradict each other. If there’s one thing you do need to know, it’s this: a healthier life is easier than you think. You don’t need to starve yourself, run for hours on end, or adopt an entire soup-based diet in order to get that killer body. The biggest secret behind a body to die for? Consistency. 

That’s why your program lasts 16 weeks. We will have enough time and space to bring some structure in your life, work on your discipline and create new healthier habits. During the program you will get to know your body, learn what suits your lifestyle and get taught how to integrate these healthier habits into your own way of living. No killer body without a killer mindset!

Your program

How it works

Always on track
with the ELL-app

Together a hold on a sustainable progress

An individual training and nutritional advice

Planner with your
personal goals

One-on-one and support  with me through calls & chat

Join as a member of the ELL Community


  • Daily check-in
  • Weekly Health Check
  • Biweekly Mindset call
  • Monthly progress check
  • Personal results and information in the ELL App
  • Your personalized training schedule that gets updated every month dependent on your progress/regress
  • Your personalized diet that gets updated every month dependent on your progress/regress
  • Personal Kickstart Guide so you will be committed for the full 100%

€ 375,- pm


  • Daily check-in
  • Weekly Health Check
  • Unlimited Calls
  • Monthly progress check
  • Personal results and information in the ELL App
  • Your personalized training schedule that gets updated every month dependent on your progress/regress
  • Your personalized diet that gets updated every month dependent on your progress/regressPersonal Kickstart Guide so you will be committed for the full 100%

☆ Monthly Technique Session

☆ Physical meet & measuring

€ 475,- pm

16 weeks can make all the difference in the world

I’m not only talking about your body, but about your mindset as well. How I work and what you can expect from, I will show you here.

We are a perfect match if you:

Want to actually understand and embrace your body instead of feeling tired, washed-out and exhausted,

Replace that helpless feeling and those 101 different diets with a positive ‘yes, I did it ‘ flow and a big smile on your face every time,

Don’t want to aimlessly go for a run, but want to listen to an inspiring podcast while knowing exactly what exercises to do in the park,

You want to have less monthly cravings, bloating and other hormonal hassles and feel balanced every moment of your cycle,

Never want to go back to endless yo-yo and fear of the scale, but just want to keep fitting in your favorite jeans (again),

Want to fully enjoy that delicious Pizza Margherita without feeling so freaking guilty about it afterwards.

coach voor vrouwen

Are you ready?

Together, we will make you feel so good about yourself that you can’t help but telling everybody! You’re going to be proud of yourself and face the world (and your fridge) with lots of confidence.


+ What kind of coach are you?

I am an enthusiastic, positive and friendly coach, but I’m realistic as well. I am passionate about what I do and a personal touch is my strong point. I invest in my clients by creating a personal connection and support them, but I’m not scared to be strict if I need to.

+ What can I expect from you?

You can expect someone that will be there for you 24/7. I will motivate you and get you to exercise whenever you need that extra push. I can be strict, but always have your well-being in mind. I am always available and will help you as soon as possible.

+ What makes you different from other coaches?

I don’t work with standard programs, but rather create personalized training schedules and diets that are tailored to your personal needs, wishes and restrictions. I know exactly what your life looks like and make sure your personal program fits in your lifestyle. I am the expert and I am your coach, I will never outsource anything.

+ What can I expect from the program?

The program starts with a thorough intake. We discuss where you are right now and where you want to be in 16 weeks. We do a baseline measurement and write down your weight and circumference. Based on those details, we start coaching and help you integrate your new habits into your lifestyle. We keep in touch every single day and measure and evaluate your progress every month. After 16 weeks, you will have adopted a new lifestyle and you will know how to maintain your new way of living. You will feel more energetic and, dependent on your goals, be stronger, slimmer or more muscular. All because health is extremely important.

+ When can I start?

You can start whenever you want. Schedule your intake and we’ll start right away. See how the program works here.

+ How long does the program last?

The program lasts 16 weeks. A lasting lifestyle change usually takes about 66 days, plus you need some time to get used to your new way of living as well.

+ How will my progress and measurements be tracked?

We will track your progress in the Eva Luna Lifestyle App. Track your weight and circumference every month, and upload monthly progress pictures to be able to see you’re on the right way. Track the circumference of your shoulders, chest, waist, upper legs and hips and upload clear pictures of your front, side and back. This way, I can track your progress and adjust your schedule if necessary. All details and pictures are subject to our Privacy Policy and will never be shared with anybody else.

+ How do I track my food?

There are different ways in which you can track your food. You can calculate your calorie intake by weighing your ingredients and logging everything in the MyFitnessPal app. Another option is to use the size of your own hands to determine your portions and stop eating whenever your body tells you to. I will teach you how to do that at the start of your program. The last option is to use my personal method, where everything is already calculated and you just need to pick the recipe you’re going to make that day.

+ How often do we talk to each other?

I will check in with you every day. If you have an urgent question, you can always get in touch with me, I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

+ Can I follow the program from my own home?

Yes, you can work out from home. During your intake I will ask you which equipment you already have at home, so I can adjust your schedule, if necessary.

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